TeenTitans Pornography Story: A new Friend A new threat A new story II Chapter 5

TeenTitans Pornography Story: A new Friend A new threat A new story II Chapter 5

Phoatu (god): “Utaop! Stop this madness now!” Utaop dodged a blast and

Utaop (god): “you don’t tell me what to do! I will do as I please! It’s too
late to stop anything anyways! I feel that the mortal on the other side is
almost done with the summoning spell!”

Phoatu (god): “Accio ice mist!” an icy gust sprayed to Utaop. But Utaop
absorbed it and shot it right back at Phoatu, who then froze over.

Utaop (god): “now you die!” Utaop punched him. Phoatu, unable to move flew
at the mercy of the punch and landed in the lavapool. The ice from his own
spell had defeated him.

Raven: #Alex!# she watched helplessly from her mind, unable to do anything
from where she was.

Raven (god): “PHOATU!” in her fury, she became a completely black figure.
All you could see was a 3-d shadow in the shape of Falcon (raven’s god
counterpart.). She shot a large blast of dark energy that made Phoenix
stick to the floor. She summoned a cloud of dark energy that rained
obsidian darts on Utaop. When they hit him they only shattered.

Utaop (god): “impressive Falcon! But not quite as powerful as I!” he lifted
his hands, making a great deal of the lava rise and spiral at Falcon. Out
of nowhere, someone shouted: “DEMONSHIELD!” with that said, a barrier
surrounded Falcon and deflected the lava.

Raven (god): “you’re alive!” she saw a weak looking Phoatu climbing out of
the lava.

Phoatu (god): “not for long. While the ice was melting, I saw the gems.
They are glowing. The spell is finished.”

Utaop (god): “it will all be over soon! Phoatu, it was nice having a worthy
rival like you. Too bad your life has been cut short! Haha! With no one
like you around, no one will stop us!” meanwhile, on the floor of the
lavapool, the gems began to sink into the ground. Only a few seconds after
they went underground, they sank into an underground lava sphere. In the
center there was a solid ball of hot metal. The gems began to grow. When
they stopped glowing, they became samurais. As Utaop predicted, they
attacked the first thing they saw. The first thing they saw was the core.
With their weapons drawn, they assaulted the core.


The gods became transparent and started to flicker, even the dark gods. The
humans then fell through the gods and landed as their normal selves. The
gods were now in their pure forms. Alex was no longer wearing the armor
that had been given to him by Phoatu. He was wearing jeans and a blue

Falcon: “this is the end.”

Beastwarrior: “I may be dying, but at least I know that the dark gods are
going down too.”

Starflame: “…”

Phoatu (god): “Alex! Go find the gems of power in your world! When you
collect all of them you should regain the powers I bestowed on you.
Remember that the gems are now samurais. When you defeat them in combat,
you will receive an elemental power with the corresponding color. Emerald:
earth Amber: lightning/ wind Ruby: fire Sapphire: water/ ice Diamond:
light Onyx: dark. Be careful; they are skilled with their weapons. Go now!
This world will soon explode!”

Starfire: “sister!” she ran over to Blackfire. She was Darkflame’s hostage.

Blackfire: “looks like we did get to settle our score.” She got up and took
off with the rest of the titans.

Phoatu: “Raven I can’t fly anymore!” she came up with an idea.

Raven: “everyone! Come near me!” everyone walked near her. Even the four
who were taken over by the dark gods. “Vocate venti fortunate ex rege
Oberonis et hic navis flugem regate ad orae Avalonis!” a black hole
appeared beneath them and swallowed them.

Gotham City

Phoatu: “that was Falcon’s spell! How did you do it?”

Raven: “some of the god’s memory rubbed off on me.”

Utaop: “Alex”

Phoatu: “Nick” they walked to face eachother. Both were now normal. Well,
as normal as people who went to magic school can be.

Utaop: “well, I won’t be seeing you for awhile. I still have to find the
dark gems. Somehow when the planet exploded, they ended up here.”

Phoatu: “well, be gone then.” Nick walked down the street, off to start his

Titan’s Tower

Robin: “you’re all back! Star!” they gave each other a hug. (Somehow
during the whole quest to another dimension Raven’s, Starfire’s, and
Phoatu’s memory of their relationships with each other was erased. So now
they have to start the whole romance thing over.) #Why didn’t she kiss me?#

Beastboy: “we’re back! I can’t hear enough of that after all we went

Cyborg: (scans their bodies to check if anything from the other dimension
came as a parasite.) #alright. Good. No sign of a parasite. But part of
their memory seems to be missing. That’s why Starfire didn’t kiss Robin.#

Raven: “what about this memory thing Cyborg?” he forgot to block his train
of thought so Raven heard his every thought.

Cyborg: *: |) “err. you must be tired why don’t you rest? Eh he.” the
stern and glum look on Alex’s face made everyone stop celebrating.

Blackfire: “what’s with the long face? You killed the party before it even

Starfire: “please excuse my sister.”

Phoatu: “it’s ok. It’s just that I have to go. I must find those gems
before they destroy the earth. Once I do that, I’ll come back here with all
my powers. I don’t know how long it will take.”

Raven: “wait here.” She went upstairs and a few moments later she came down
carrying a 3 ft. black stick and a black bag.

Phoatu: “what’s this?” he asked as she handed them to him.

Raven: “this is a dai-katana. It may be oversized but it will serve you

Phoatu: “thank you. But what is in the black bag?”

Raven: “well a place to hold the gems stupid.” she was trying to hide her
emotions through her ‘wall of protection’. Alex smiled at this.

Phoatu: “well, goodbye to all of you.”

Robin: “there will always be a place for you in the tower.” With that,
Phoatu left. Raven pulled the hood over her head to hide her tears.

==================End chapter 5.

This story is not over! There is still going to be an epilogue chapter! Oh
and check out my profile and go to my website to check out my drawings of
Phoatu. P.S. the link is in my profile!.

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