Nubile Titans Pornography Story: A fresh Mate A fresh threat A fresh story II Chapter Two

Nubile Titans Pornography Story: A fresh Mate A fresh threat A fresh story II Chapter Two

Robin: “it can’t be the HIVE.”

Cyborg: “and it can’t be Plasmus or Cinderblock.”

While the other titans were trying to figure out who was behind this plan,
Phoatu was thinking to himself.

Phoatu: #great. I have to go back into the game.#

Phoatu (god): #I think the answers we seek are in my realm.#

Phoatu: #but how do we get into your dimension? The only way you got
through was because you locked yourself in the game. I’m no god! I can’t go

Phoatu (god): #but I am. Allow me to take control of your body. The only
way for us to enter is by use of my powers. These powers I could not allow
to give to you, for if you misuse them it would mean certain destruction.#

Phoatu: #even if we did go through. we are gonna need help!#

Phoatu (god): #your friends. if you jump into the game. I can contact the
other gods to enter their bodies.#

Phoatu: #what if they don’t agree to fuse?#

Phoatu (god): #then I’m afraid there will be nothing I can do then. If my
world is destroyed, I will also die, and if I cease to exist, you will lose
your powers.#

Phoatu: #well, lets do this then.#: “guys! I’m gonna need some of you to
come into the game with me.”

Phoatu (god): #request for Beastboy, Raven, and Starfire to come along,
those are the only compatible to fuse with the other gods.#

Robin: “I’ll go.”

Phoatu: “no, I need Beastboy, Starfire, and Raven.”

Cyborg: “why them?”

Phoatu: “I know it sounds crazy, but remember how I told you I fused with a

Cyborg: “yea.”

Phoatu: “well he needs them to fuse with the other gods.”

Robin: “how are you gonna be able to defend yourselves with Starfire and
Beastboy in the condition they are?”

Phoatu: “when they fuse with the gods, they will be back to health!”

Cyborg: “what makes you so sure of all this?”

Phoatu: “the god told me so.”

Cyborg: “I think you belong in a mental home! You are just like those
people who claim something and end up being a whack job!”

Phoatu: “what? Alright. so be it!” he began to glow the prongs on his
helmet became longer, his armor morphed into a full suit of armor, complete
with spiked pauldrons (shoulder armor), a full back plate, chain mail
plating over the lower back and lower torso, spiked greaves (leg and thigh
armor), and a flowing cape.

Phoatu (god): “now do you doubt us? If any of them do not want to go, then
they do not have to. All they should know is if they don’t, they have
failed a friend and an entire planet.”

Raven: “I’ll go.”

Phoatu (god): “I will go request of the other two’s help.”


Slade: “when all of them get into the game, you know what to do.”

Man: “of course. Just alert me when they do enter the ‘game’ as you call

Titan’s Tower

Phoatu (god): “I would like to thank you all for agreeing to come along.
Robin ad Cyborg, please deal with any creatures that make their way into
this realm. We will be away for no more than seven hours if things go as

Robin: “I wish you all luck.” He walks up to Starfire. “Take care of
yourself Star.” He kissed her passionately.

Phoatu (god): “let us go.” he flies into the screen, followed by Beastboy,
Starfire, and Raven.

Supreme cathedral (game)

They all appear standing on a marble floor, facing the cross, David’s Star,
and a wide assortment of religious symbols and relics. Behind them was row
after row of benches, short stools, etc. were lined up for what seemed like

Phoatu (god): “follow me.” He stepped up to the cross. A symbol appeared on
his forehead and glowed. The cross raised a stairwell to their left. He
walked up the stairs, the others followed.


Slade: “they are there! Do you have the soldiers in place?

Man: “they are programmed to be there on time. Of course they are in

Manhattan power plant

Advisor: “what’s happening?” he was looking at a computer screen, it was
getting brighter until the screen finally exploded. A power surge knocked
the power out in a domino effect. Several cities lost power.


Slade: “What just happened?” his computer went off. “DAMNIT! How are we
gonna follow through with the plan?”

Man: “do not worry. We cannot carry out our plans, but this blackout can!
Without power, the Internet all over Gotham city has temporarily gone off!
Even if the power outage does not last long, they will still die! Because
the game needs Internet, it will go down too! Bringing the titans down as

Slade: “this is an unprecedented event. but it is in our favor! Go turn on
the backup power!”

Servant: “yes sir.”

Grail Game

Beastboy: “yo, what’s going on?” the walls began to fade; the floor around
them was becoming smaller, forming into a shrinking circle.

Phoatu #a power failure! Use this spell!#

Phoatu (god): “AL-HANGED-MOON!” a sphere of light encircled him and co.

Starfire: “what is that?”

Phoatu (god): “HHRRNG!” the strain of sustaining power in that small circle
was going through his energy fast.

Raven: “it’s a suspend spell. Everything in its range remains the same way
it was the second the spell was cast, as long as the spell is cast. I hope
that these gods come here soon! I sense the god getting weaker by the

Titan’s Tower

Cyborg: “oh no!”

Robin: “DAMNIT! NO! *BAM* NO! *BAM* NO! *BAM*” he said, slamming his fist
into the computer screen.

Cyborg: “lets look for the reserve power! We have no time to lose!” he
switched to infrared vision and ran to the basement. Robin switched to
thermal vision and followed (his mask has built-in thermo-vision).

Gray Soldier: “STOP!” amazingly, several of the baddies managed to get into
the basement unnoticed.

Robin: “how the hell did they get here?!” he pulled out his bo-staff and
drop-kicked one of the knights.

Cyborg: “I don’t know but we gotta get em’ out!” he jumped up and jet-
stomped another knight.

Robin: “there are over 15 of them!” *THWACK* he swung around like a top
hitting as many baddies as he could with his staff. Cyborg picked up one
and swung it around like a baseball bat.

Gray soldier: “RETREAT!”


Raven walked up to Phoatu and touched his forehead. “MAGE’S SOUL!” both
began to glow. Mage’s Soul is a white magic spell that transfers energy
from the caster to the target. The strain on Phoatu was lessened.

Falcon: “I have located them!”

Beast Warrior: “good! Lets find them before they run out of energy!” the
gods were unaffected by the blackout. They surfed the dead net until they
found Phoatu helping a group of mortals.

Phoatu (god): “Quickly! Before I can hold this spell no more! HRNG!”

Raven: “Do it! We all know that you have to fuse with us!” the gods wasted
no time; they turned themselves into masses of energy. The titans absorbed
the energy. The gods quickly assumed control of their bodies. Phoatu
released the spell and the floor that was suspended by the spell slowly
faded. They were all floating in the darkness. (From now on I’m gonna say
Raven (god), Beastboy (god), etc. so you don’t get confused with names)
raven was now wearing a cloak that completely covered every inch of her
body (except for her face because she still has a hood), the cloak was
shinier and flowed more elegantly and was made out of a smooth metal.
Underneath the cloak she had a full chestplate, metal shin guards, and
metal armbands. Her shoulders seemed broader because the armor she was
wearing had two pauldrons. Beastboy was now wearing an elven-style shirt
and chainmail pants. He had one steel pauldron on his right shoulder
strapped to a quiver with what appeared to be an infinite amount of arrows.
He was wearing metal gloves that went up to his elbows, and greaves with
shin guards that had spiked knees (greaves are very different than shin
guards, they go on the thigh, not lower leg.). Starfire’s skirt was longer;
it reached a few inches below her knees and had a slit that went up to her
upper thigh. Her chest armor was now a breastplate protecting her from the
ribs up to her neck. Her armbands had spiked knuckles and spiked elbows.
Her boots became a flexible metal. Alex and Raven began to communicate

Raven: #why do they need to fuse with us?#

Phoatu: #because, they must be intertwined with both dimensions. For some
strange reason, when the game was made it was so precisely similar to their
realm that the gods had actually been weakened as they were made as
‘bosses’ for the game. The dark gods have found this out first and found
suitable hosts. With human hosts from the realm that created the game,
their strength was restored. They then set out with their original mission
while their enemies were trying to find a solution. Their mission was: the
destruction of their plant.#

Raven: #why? If they destroy their planet, they will also cease to exist,

Phoatu: #no, the light gods are the only ones linked to the fate of the
planet. If it is destroyed, they are also destroyed. The dark gods know if
the planet were destroyed, they would die too. They found out that somehow;
if they destroy the planet, they would remain alive, but the light gods
would not. Then they would be free to wreak terror on our dimension by
passage using their hosts. Their human host allows them passage to our
dimension. So with access to both dimensions, they can accomplish their
mission and run a world without enemies.#

==================================================END CHAPTER TWO

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