TeenTitans Pornography Story: Starfire and Ravenaka Do the Macarena – Chapter 1

TeenTitans Pornography Story: Starfire and Ravenaka Do the Macarena – Chapter 1

~~~A Teen Titans fanfic (based on the Cartoon Network show) ~~~

Dedication: I’m posting this story since there aren’t that many fanfics on
Teen Titans out there yet.I also dedicate this fic to all the readers,
lovers, and of course creators and maintainers of . You are
so wonderful!

This fic just happens to involve Raven and Starfire a lot, since they are
my favorite characters..In it they teach each other things, and I’m going
to try and make these lessons READ & REVIEW to let me know
what you think! ^^

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Teen Titans, the characters or anything that has
to do with it!!!


(At the Titan’s Tower one afternoon.)

(Starfire is scrimmaging around on the floor looking for CD player; she has
just discovered the existence of the amazing “sound-maker”, the previous
day, while Beast-boy and Robin were fighting over it.)

(Starfire pokes her head under the bed; there is a puff of dust and out
emerges a dirty Starfire. Starfire tries to feel for device now; her hand
slowly comes across a furry object, she sticks her head under the bead, and
comes face-to-face with a large hairy rodent)


BEASTBOY: (reverting to his regular self hops out of the room)

RAVEN: (entering Starfire’s room) I guess that the fear of rodents still
exists in even alien species.

(Raven pauses, then darts to the bed and scrimmages beneath it. In a
matter of seconds she is holding the CD player)

RAVEN: Were you looking for this?

STARFIRE: Yes.I was.

RAVEN: Do you want to hang out at the mall?

STARFIRE: Why, yes.I would like to “hang out”..

RAVEN: Let’s go then.

STARFIRE: Yes, let us go then..

Sorry that this prologue was so short..I’ll make a new post soon! ^^
And tell me what you think so far, inspiration is helpful!



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